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We head to September 2011 for today's throwback with Nancy on WLBT's Midday Money segment.

In 1998, Nancy visited the Financial District in NYC. What she witnessed twenty years ago on the New York Stock Exchange isn't exactly what you'd see today if you visited. Technology has changed the landscape, and more trading is done electronically rather than on the...

Our throwback this week is to Nancy's December 1995 column in the Mississippi Business Journal. Back then, the Dow had crossed over 5,000. (For perspective, in the now, the Dow closed at the end of May 2017 just above 21,000.) Over and over, Nancy was being asked the s...

Today's throwback is to November of 1998. For context, since '98 was almost two decades ago, here's where the market was then (November 2, 1998) compared to now:

S&P 500 (then): 1,111.60

S&P 500 (now): 2,404.39

Nasdaq (then): 1,800.91

Nasdaq (now): 6,163.02

Dow Jones (then)...