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 Today's episode we talk about this week's topic: College Costs!

Happy Halloween!

On Tuesday's radio program, we discussed reducing the cost of college. Immediately, everyone wanted to talk about 529 plans and how crazy student loans are, but there are some less explored areas on the subject that deserve a lot more attention. To listen to the episod...

Episode 12 of our weekly podcast is out! Catch up with Ryder, back from the CFA conference in Miami! He explains what it means to be a CFA charterholder. We talk about the basics of debt and what the market's been doing this week.

We're headed back to the mid-90's today for a few words of caution from Nancy about taking on too much holiday debt. There's nothing like a mountain of credit card debt to put you on edge. And during the holidays, well, it only increases the chances that a family fight...

What it is.

No surprise here: debt is something you owe. The longer you take to repay that debt, the more it costs you. Time is money, right?

Where it comes from.

If we’re just looking at debt as money, then your debt comes from someone who has extra money. Those people w...

Today's episode of Money Talks on Mississippi Public Broadcasting, the topic was identity theft. Hosts shared tips on prevention and resolution, and listeners called in to share their personal experiences. If you missed the episode when it aired, you can listen to Nanc...

Yesterday, Nancy joined WLBT's Midday Mississippi program for her segment, Midday Money. She explained the recent (and ongoing) Wells Fargo scandal and how it affects the bank's customers. Watch it online here:

Since our topic this week is credit, it would be pretty reckless if we didn't take a day's post to hazard against reckless use of credit. Nothing makes payday less satisfying as knowing you have to spend the whole check paying down credit cards. 

Create a budget that su...

What it is.

Little kids tend to get a few things wrong. Back in the early 90’s, my friend Katy and I were scootin’ around her living room, and she confessed to me that her mother had picked up a dead roach with her bare hands. My vocabulary was a bit wanting back in my...

Today's Friday Wrap mentions Florida, discusses goals (Susan imagines every payment like the game Bust-A-Move - see above), travel and Twitter.

Our theme this week has revolved around discovering your values and identifying your goals. So today we head back to the summer of 1998. Nancy's daughter was about to start her senior year of high school, and Nancy was feeling the squeeze on just how much time she'd ha...

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