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 Watch the segment online HERE.

This buyer’s market, which has been a buyer’s market for quite a long time, is turning into a seller’s market. That’s good news for half of the folks out there. The reason is because we have very low inventories right now; and our mortgag...

Nancy was interviewed for this segment on WLBT. Watch it online HERE.

If you’re going to get a refund, it’s possible you’re having too much deducted from your paycheck. You might want to consider going back and looking at those deductions and talking to your Human Resources department to see if you want to adjust that.

But a lot of people...

This week your tax forms should be showing up if you haven’t gotten them already. It’s income tax season, so we have to ask: What is income? There are two types of income.

There’s earned income (that would be from your job). You’re going to get a W-2 on that. If you hav...

Taxes are due this year on Tuesday, April 18th 2017!

As the annual time approaches to file our taxes, we need to gather all of our relevant information. The advantage that we have now is much of that information is available digitally—you can find it online. W-2s must b...

 In this segment of Midday Money, Nancy encourages us to get into better financial health in 2017. Watch it online here.

We don’t have full data on Christmas 2016 yet, because we have a bit of a hangover on our Christmas retail spending. It goes beyond Christmas. We’re...

Since it's the last week of 2016, we have an extra throwback for this week's topic. Listen to Nancy's advice on the Midday Money segment from May of 2015 discussing buying a home.

The question I always hear is: “How much house can I afford?” You don’t want to be “house...

Christmas is just around the corner, and Ryder made an appearance on last night's local news to discuss holiday spending. You can watch the segment online here: "Retail sales are up for 2016." 

In keeping with this week's topic, our throwback today is to one of Nancy's 2012 Midday Money segments discussing car buying.

We have some very good news about car buying right now. Our U.S. car makers have seen an increase in sales from last month of 7.5%. Who would ex...

In this segment of Midday Money, Nancy discusses rising interest rates. Watch it online here.

Here are two segments from WLBT in which Nancy discusses how the election results may affect the economy and personal finances.

Investors, business… We don’t like uncertainty. They don’t know what’s going to happen with this administration. The more uncertainty that exi...

Yesterday, Nancy joined WLBT's Midday Mississippi program for her segment, Midday Money. She explained the recent (and ongoing) Wells Fargo scandal and how it affects the bank's customers. Watch it online here:

Today we look back at a Midday Money segment with Nancy from April of 2014. The topic: BANK FEES.

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